Award Winners…Sustainable Flexographic Inks

The launch of the new sustainable flexographic ink products follows earlier successes of EarthInks®. Having delivered on their commitment to provide a complete eco-friendly ink solution, the company focused on ways to further enhance their customers’ facilities and maximise productivity. The EarthInks® dispensers allow in-house colour mixing and the ability to facilitate special colour production on-demand.

Managing Director, Flexible packaging company says, “Since we took the decision to offer the EarthInks range, the response from our customers has been amazing. Many brands want to ensure that their supply chain is as environmentally-friendly as possible, and EarthInks® provide this confidence without compromising the quality of the end product. With the installation of the ink dispenser and onsite colour lab, we’re now able to go above and beyond to meet their requirements and this has impressed both existing customers and new prospects.”

The market’s reception of EarthInks® ground-breaking products has not gone unnoticed, the company has been rewarded with three accolades for its eco-friendly ink range, plus Innovation Excellence Awards, Sustainable Innovation Awards and the Green Apple Awards for Environmental Best Practice.

Jonathan Mack, founder of EarthInks®, comments, “when we launched, we genuinely set out to make a difference – no matter how small that might be. However, we have been delighted by the market reaction to our product range and what we are looking to achieve”.

“Our latest product developments are an important next step in our EarthInks® journey, providing customers with an ink, coating and adhesive solutions that meet the most stringent environmental standards and helps achieve their sustainability goals.”