Overview of EarthInks®; Sustainable Flexographic inks

Solar inks was formed in 2004, with the EarthInks® brand being launched 6 years later, market truly sustainable, flexographic inks.

The brand development has delivered very successful NPD projects for Flexographic, Gravure and Silk Screen inks; barrier coatings for food and beverage packaging; adhesives for board and paper applications.

Not only are Earth inks environmentally friendly, but also in line with our wider philosophy; they are developed to be more credible, higher performing and more affordable than the traditional alternatives.

With brands under pressure to monitor and improve their environmental footprint, print vendors are increasingly using EarthInks® to support their environmental requirements.  Achieving brand expectations for high quality print across a wide range of packaging applications including cartons, paper and poly cups, napkins and sachets as well as wallpaper, greetings cards and many more.

The three products areas; Earth Inks®, Earth Coatings™ and Earth Adhesives™ are fully biodegradable, compostable, renewable and independently tested. Further research and development for print and brand partners has taken Earth Products across the UK, Europe, North America and beyond….