Sustainable and Cost neutral

Sustainability and environmental concerns are entering a new phase, where there is now an expectation on the part of brands and end-users to monitor the impact of their packaging and printing throughout the supply chain. These concerns extend to using renewable resources, non-damaging chemicals, waste management and resource-efficient packaging.

EarthInks® products have been developed in response to the growing environmental concerns of both brand owners and end users.

Since the launch of our natural, sustainable, water based flexographic and screen printing inks almost 8 years ago, the damaging out look for the environment and resource depletion has become ever more apparent.

The use of sustainable inks, coatings and adhesives is the logical step toward making packaging truly compostable and renewable.

All our products are made from natural ingredients and free from glycol, silicone and have near-zero VOC levels.

Due to the manufacturing process EarthInks® products do not cost more to purchase or use during conversion; they are cost neutral.

With such high performance levels and commercial stability the question, compared to conventional systems is Why wouldn’t you?

EarthInks®, Earth Coatings™ and Earth Adhesives™ can be used to enhance both print quality and brand perception via corrugated and flexible packaging, labels, envelopes and a range of paper products including till rolls, paper cups and bags, gift wrap.