Food Contact Inks, Adhesives and OPVs

The requirement for food contact ink, adhesives and over print varnishes is growing for many brand owners and packaging converters as consumers look for clean, safe and sustainable packaging.

Inks, adhesives and varnishes are key items within the food packaging supply chain and those used for direct food contact applications are becoming a focus of many brand organisations.

To support paper and packaging producers, Earth Inks provide a range of food contact products including ultra clean water based flexo inks, natural based adhesives and over print varnishes all suitable for direct food contact applications within the paper and board packaging markets.

The raw materials used within our food contact products are cleared for direct food contact, allowing clients to be confident with the packaging being produced.

To find out how we can help ensure your packaging products utilise the appropriate materials to decorate, and protect you food contact packaging please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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