for food and beverage packaging barriers: for paper and board applications adhesives: inks: vibrant and protective for corrugated board and dedicated services: paper packaging applications enhancing packaging: and protecting resources

At Solar Inks we take pride in our support for independent packaging producers. We understand the environment in which packaging converters … read more

Our functional barrier products can be found in all areas of food and beverage packaging, providing barriers to migration and protecting against absorption of food and … read more

To complement our barrier and ink portfolio our adhesives products are renewable high performing natural replacements for conventional adhesives … read more

The development of natural thinking

Welcome to Solar Inks and our world of natural thinking.

Driven by a desire to make the most environmentally friendly, sustainable, water based flexographic inks, functional barrier and adhesives products, we have spent many years developing products that meet or exceed the requirements of brand owners and packaging converters.

Every product is based upon natural, sustainable ingredients that can be replanted or regrown, providing products that enhance brands and support the planets resources.

Designed for optimal performance across a wide range of packaging applications, from paper mills to flexo presses, we enable users to decorate, protect and assemble truly sustainable packaging… read more