flexo and silk screen: water based and UV for printers and converters dedicated services: vibrant, protective: water based and UV

Natural based award winning inks

At Solar Inks we take great pride in our development of the EarthInks® portfolio. Designed to support the environment EarthInks® provide independent packaging producers with market leading, award winning natural based flexographic inks and coatings.

We understand the environment in which packaging converters operate and recognise the need for innovation, speed, stability and trust to ensure the next order is delivered. Whether flexo, silkscreen; water based or UV; inks, coatings or adhesives; we tailor our support package to meet individual requirements.

We go beyond simply the provision of our products and add further value via;-

Ink and print training
Design evaluation
Installation of mixing, dispensing systems
Colour matching


Solar Inks™ provides support for all EarthInks™ products across a range of print and packaging applications

Food Packaging

Our inks are used across wide range of food packaging applications; labels, solid and corrugated board, foils, flexible films, laminates, wrapping papers, tissue and many more.


Created to run on multi-substrate label stock for narrow web printing we provide both water based and UV inks, available as a mixing range, four colour process sets, overprint varnishes and specialty inks.

Flexible packaging

Produced to replace high VOC containing solvent inks our flexible packaging range allows for high print speeds, easy running and excellent resistant properties meaning they can be run as a supplement product to help reduce emissions or as a total replacement product.

Corrugated packaging

Competitively priced and easy to run our corrugated products have been developed to cope with the latest market requirements. They allow for minimal rub off and add a stunning vibrancy to any colour.

Paper Converting

Our tailor made inks give a special lift even on the roughest of papers, with strong vibrant colours and special effects we enhance a wide range products including till rolls, gift wrap, paper bags, napkins, paper cups and many more.


Earthinks products provide low viscosity, no foaming and fast drying qualities aimed at making envelope printing easy.